How to Keep Your Money in Vegas

If you are 21 or over you may have taken a trip to Las Vegas before or are planning on going in the near future. Las Vegas is a fast growing city in Nevada and home to some of the biggest and most extravagant casinos in the world. This city has pretty much everything. World class restaurants, five star hotels, and some of the biggest entertainment attractions around. Spectacular acrobatic shows, some of the best magic shows, the greatest comics and world class fighters are just some of the different things you can see while in Las Vegas.

This city also has phenomenal outdoor activities. Just twenty miles away is Red Rock Canyon, which is home to some of the best rock climbs and hikes in the world. There are more hotel rooms here than anywhere else in the world and with all this competition you can find some really amazing deals.

You could spend a weekend in Vegas with just a couple hundred dollars, or you could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars. Las Vegas is known as Sin City and with good reason. There is 24 hour gambling and drinking. There is no last call and the casinos and bars never close. In neighboring counties there is legalized prostitution. Illegal prostitution runs rampant inside Las Vegas. There are numerous strip clubs and drug abuse can run high.

Unfortunately most people have a budget to live on. This can quickly be obliterated in Las Vegas. The city is an expert and convincing you to easily let go of your money and more than one person has left the city completely broke after a wild weekend. Don’t let this happen to you! At the time it might seem well worth it, but when it is time to return to the daily grind you might be a little unhappy.

Two of the things people spend most of their money on while in Sin City are gambling and alcohol. Does this mean you should avoid these two activities? No, of course not. However, you should know some things before partaking in these activities. Las Vegas casinos have perfected the art of parting you from your money.

When you go gamble in Las Vegas your cash is traded for chips, or tokens. These might be unfamiliar to you so you will think that they have less value than money. This allows you to treat them with less care, thus causing you to gamble with more money than if it was actual cash. Do not forget that these chips are worth real money! Treat these tokens as if they were your hard earned cash.

Alcohol can be another huge expense in Las Vegas if you are not careful. Prices of drinks in the clubs of Las Vegas are highly inflated. Yet people still willingly spend money on the alcohol. However, you can avoid doing this by playing some slot machines before you go to the clubs. Most casinos will give you free alcohol while you are gambling. You can play nickel slots and still get free drinks! This could save you a very large amount of money each night. Just be sure to tip the server so that they will be more willing to provide faster service to you.

If you keep these two things in mind while in Las Vegas you could easily save yourself thousands of dollars. This could turn a very disappointing and frustrating trip into a very fond memory, but remember to exercise contro

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